Promoting reading and literacy

Key Initiative 1.1:

Promoting reading and literacy as an essential requirement for active participation in society, through access to information in any format

Activity 1.1.1: Develop and implement a new position on literacy and reading that incorporates stronger participation and partnerships across the literacy and reading fields

We will develop a new IFLA policy position on literacy and reading, as part of a strategy developed jointly with our partners in the field.

We will develop a strategy and materials including a position statement for 8 September World Literacy Day.

We will actively raise awareness within our members and partners about the importance of universal literacy, and particularly through advocating for the incorporation of national literacy plans into Development Plans to fulfil the United Nations vision for “A world with universal literacy”, expressed in the United Nations' Transforming our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Key Actions:




Activity 1.1.2 Expand and promote a framework for media and information literacies

We will scope and develop a strategy that promotes the media and information literacy skills required for citizens to flourish through their utilisation of information and knowledge in any format.

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