About the IFLA Web Crew

We strive to get every 'unit' —Core Activity, Section, Special Interest Group— at least one Web Editor. The Section's Information Coordinator is the official contact for each unit on these matters and may perform the Web editing for the Section themselves, but the Web Editor may also be a different person altogether.

An IFLA Web Editor...

... is responsible for:

  • getting all necessary 'content' (information, files, etcetera) of his/her unit on the unit's part of the IFLA website;
  • keeping that content up–to–date;

... serves as:

  • the contact person for the unit for all matters concerning their part of the IFLA website;
  • the liaison between his/her own Standing Committee and IFLA Headquarters (especially the central webmasters);

... needs to be:

  • enthusiastic about the Web and its possibilities;
  • knowledgeable about using the Web — preferably to the level of a 'power user'; familiarity with CMSs and/or Drupal a definite plus;
  • skilled as a web content editor, or willing to become one. This includes the skill of writing and optimizing texts for reading from a web page;
    • browser compatibility: Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3.0+, or a late version of any other modern browser, such as Safari, Google Chrome, and Opera. 
  • able and willing to convert existing documents and information of the unit into proper web content.

Support for web-editors is of course available from webmaster@ifla.org and there is a dedicated (closed) mailing list IFLA-IC for sharing information and news.

In the CMS Manual (itself a wiki content-type) we have added various guides, tutorials, help and other support that we think is may be of interest to the IFLA Web Editors. This will remain a dynamic information source, since we will keep adding information as we further fill, develop and expand our website.

IFLA HQ Web Team

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