IFLA Knowledge Management Standing Committee Conference Activities


2019 Athens, Greece

Open Session: Call for Papers


The IFLA Knowledge Management Section in cooperation with the Information Technology Section and the Big Data SIG invite librarians, knowledge managers, information scientists and other interested information technology professionals to submit proposals for the joint Open Forum to be held during the 85th IFLA WLIC, in Athens, Greece, from 24-30 August 2019. In line with the Congress theme, “Libraries: dialogue for change”, the standing committees are organizing a session on the theme of “Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining to transform knowledge management and information services in libraries and information organizations”

Open Session Focus

Artificial intelligence (AI) is having a pervasive impact on many aspects of our lives. From data mining that helps us better understand consumer behavior to machine learning that allows robots to perform functions humans either cannot or do not want to do themselves, AI is already having a major impact in our day-to-day lives.

In this joint open session, we are soliciting papers and presentations that showcase practical applications of how AI and data mining are currently being used to transform traditional knowledge management and information service practices in libraries and other information agencies.

See the IFLA WLIC 2019 website for proposal submission guidelines and deadlines.


Satellite Meeting: Call for Papers


Date: August 22, 2019

Venue: Ionion University, 72, Ioannou Theotoki Str., 49100 Corfu, Greece (https://ionio.gr/en)

Organizers: IFLA Knowledge Management Section and Digital Humanities / Digital Scholarship SIG

Primary contacts: Program chair: Sylvia Piggott (seapiggott@gmail.com); co-chair: Xuemao Wang, SIG Convenor (x.wang@uc.edu)

Satellite Meeting focus

Artificial Intelligence (AI) generally envisions more technology and fewer people. Artificial Intelligence creates new possibilities for humans to leverage machines to complete complex tasks, sometimes tedious, repetitive, and even dangerous, with much-improved accuracy and speed. Its potential in advancing societies and in benefiting lives seems only subject to the limits of the imagination but at the same time AI introduces ethical and socioeconomic concerns. It is reasonable to predict that AI will mainstream in a number of critical areas including the library field in the near future; therefore, libraries must pay attention to the impact of AI. 

The satellite conference will be dedicated to presenting and discussing examples showcasing how AI implementations in libraries are being used successfully to improve and to manage library processes. In addition, it is expected to bring together information professionals from a wide variety of library and information services to share knowledge and showcase AI research, including its current implementations and future possibilities. 

Authors are solicited to contribute to the conference by submitting papers that illustrate research projects and results. Furthermore, the papers in this session should provide a series of vibrant examples of the broad concept of AI as it applies to information services, including contributions to librarianship in this evolving field. The ultimate objective is to build a body of literature on this topic that will help to guide other librarians with these issues.

See the Satellite website for more information.


Past conferences

2018 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Satellite: Is knowledge management the new library science?

  • Date: Thursday 23 August, 2018
  • Chair Prof. Long XIAO
  • Location: Xiamen University Malaysia Campus (XMUM), Salak Tinggi, Selangor, Malaysia
  • Final Report

Joint Open Session presented by the Knowledge Management Section (KM), Academic and Research Libraries Section (ARL) and Rare Books and Special Collections Section (RBSC)

Knowledge Café

  • Theme: the essential role information professionals play in managing the knowledge within our organizations in order to best support our customers, whether they be public, university, governmental, parliamentary or corporate libraries. 
  • Chair: Monica Ertel
  • Final Report

Digital Humanities/Digital Scholarship Special Interest Group (DH/DS SIG) - Sponsored by the KM Section

  • Theme: The Transforming Digital Scholarship Model – From Service Provider to Interdisciplinary Partner.
  • It featured “lightning talks” with speakers planned from five continents.
  • Convener Xuemao Wang, Dean and University Librarian at the University of Cincinnati,

2017 Wrocław, Poland

Satellite New directions in Knowledge Management

Friday, 18 August 2017. University of Economics, Wrocław, Poland. 

Co-Chairs: Eva Semertzaki and Elizabeth Freyre

Open Session How does knowledge management inform change agency? 

Chair: Elizabeth Turner

Knowledge Café New Librarians for New Times: Continuous Learning to Become Change Agents in a Changing World

Held jointly by the Knowledge Management, Library and Research Services for Parliaments and Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning Sections.

Co-Chairs: Monica Ertel, Jane Dysart and Karen Finer

Read the 2017 Knowledge Café Report

2016 Columbus, Ohio

Satellite Sharing Practices and Actions for Making Best Use of Organizational Knowledge in Libraries 

Friday 12 August, 2016. Langsam Library, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Chair: Spencer Acadia

Open Session Using social media at work: How to share knowledge, improve collaboration and create a mutual savoir‐faire?

Co-chairs: Julien Sempere and Mary Augusta Thomas

Joint Session Brave New World ‐ the Future of Collections in Digital Times: Services without Content OR Content in Context?  

Held jointly by the Knowledge Management, and Academic and Research Libraries Sections.

Co-Chairs: Steffen Wawra and Mary Augusta Thomas

Knowledge Café  Continuous Learning in Libraries & their Communities

Held jointly by the Knowledge Management, Library and Research Services for Parliaments, and Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning Sections.

Co-Chairs: Monica Ertel, Jane Dysart, and Karin Finer

2015 Cape Town, South Africa

Satellite Knowledge Management and Innovation: the transformation of 21st century library services

Friday, August 14, 2015. Goethe-Centre, Cape Town, South Africa

Chair: Eva Semertzaki

Open Session  Change and sustainability - Breaking paths for a world of balance 

Chair:  Steffan Wawra

Knowledge Café Continuous innovation and Transformation of Libraries and their Communities

Held jointly by the Knowledge Management and Library and Research Services for Parliaments Sections.

Co-chairs: Ellie Valentine and Jane Dysart

2014 Lyon, France

Satellite Knowledge management as a vital tool for change management

Friday, August, 15, 2014. Lyon Gallo-Roman Museum, Lyon, France

Chair: Julien Semperé

Open Session Knowledge in the Digital Age – Libraries and Librarians are Managing the Digital Transformation

Chair: Dr. Klaus Ceynowa

Joint Session Knowledge Management initiatives and development in Asia and Oceania 

Held jointly by the Asia & Oceania and Knowledge Management Sections.

Co-chairs: Leda Bultrini and Chihfeng P. Lin

Knowledge Café       Learning Challenges for Librarians and Library Managers

Held jointly by the Knowledge Management, Library and Research Services for Parliaments, and Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning Sections.


2013 Singapore, Singapore

Open Session  Open Access in the context of full lifecycle of Knowledge Management

Joint Session Building a learning and knowledge sharing organization

Held jointly Knowledge management, the Information Technology, Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning sections.

Chairs:   Brigadier General (Dr.) Shiang Long Lee, Head, Joint Communications and Information Systems Dept.- Singapore Armed Forces

Joint Session Agile management: strategies for achieving success in rapidly changing times

Held jointly by the Knowledge Management, and the Academic and Research Libraries Sections.

Knowledge Café  Taxonomies & metadata rule 

Held jointly by the Knowledge Management, and Library and Research Services for Parliaments sections.

Co-chairs Schubert, Foo Shou Boon and Jane Dysart

2012 Helsinki

Schedule of KM activities and sessions All papers on the conference website 

Satellite Knowledge Management Theory in Action: how to plan, apply and assess knowledge management in libraries. August 10 2012

Open Session Potential of Knowledge Management in Public Libraries

2011 Puerto Rico

Schedule of KM Activities and Sessions All papers are on the conference website

Open Session Applied knowledge management: a panorama of success stories & case studies in libraries and lessons learned 

Joint Session  Promoting global access to law: developing and open access index for official, authenticated legal information

Held jointly by the Knowledge Management, the Law Libraries, and the Government Libraries, Government Information and Official Publications sections.

2010 Gothenburg, Sweden

Open Session Voice of Global Knowledge Management

Joint Session Librarians in action: Information policy and human rights:

Held jointly by the Knowledge Management, the Government Libraries, GIOPS, Preservation and Conservation, and the Law Libraries Sections.

Joint Session Global learning systems: how they foster learning and sharing of information

Held jointly by the Knowledge Management, Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning, and the Information Technology sections.

Joint Session Libraries and the Semantic Web

Held jointly by the Knowledge Management, the Information Technology, and the Cataloguing, Classification and Indexing sections.

2009 Milan, Italy

Open Session Knowledge Management, Knowledge Advocacy

Joint Session Social computing tools for learning and knowledge sharing

Held jointly by the Knowledge Management, Library & Research Services for Parliaments, and the Information Technology sections.

2008 Québec, Canada

Open Session Towards understanding in the multicultural world

Knowledge Management

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