Strategic Programme on Preservation and Conservation (PAC)

The IFLA Strategic Programme on Preservation and Conservation (PAC) has one major goal: to ensure that library and archive materials, published and unpublished, in all formats, will be preserved in accessible form for as long as possible according to the following principles:

  • preservation is essential to the survival and development of culture and scholarship;
  • international cooperation is a key principle;
  • each country must accept responsibility for the preservation of its own publications.

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PAC (Preservation and Conservation), Strategic Programmes

Última actualización: 18 Diciembre 2017

Latest News

IFLA PAC Centres in Qatar and Russia Continue Cooperation in the Field of Preservation of Cultural Heritage

Conservation specialists participate at the Interdisciplinary Scientific and Practical Conference “Rare Books in the Context of Preservation”  in Moscow. In October 2019, the IFLA Preservation and Conservation (PAC) Center in Russia hosted a visitor from the IFLA PAC Centre in Qatar to facilitate exchange of expertise and cooperation between specialists from the two centres.

21 Enero 2020

Recording, Researching, Reviving: how the State Library of Queensland is Celebrating the International Year of Indigenous Languages

As the International Year of Indigenous Languages comes to an end, we are happy to share a further example of libraries acting to protect and promote these languages and the communities that speak them. We are grateful to the State Library of Queensland for this contribution.

16 Diciembre 2019

Supporting Documentary Heritage Preservation in the Arab Region

Group photo of all delegates in the Qatar National Library UNESCO, in partnership with the Qatar National Library (QNL), host of one of IFLA's PAC Centres, organised a regional conference on “Supporting documentary heritage preservation in the Arab region” in Doha, Qatar on 1-2 December.

4 Diciembre 2019