About the BCM Review Group


The Bibliographic Conceptual Models Review Group provides ongoing support for the maintenance and development of IFLA’s bibliographic conceptual models.

Organisation and reporting

The Bibliographic Conceptual Models Review Group (BCM RG) reports to the IFLA Committee on Standards. All reports are posted on the IFLA website.

Members of the BCM Review Group are selected according to the established procedure and are approved by members of the Committee on Standards. There cannot be less than 6, nor more than 12 members. The four-year term of each member starts and ends at the end of a WLIC. The Review Group can also appoint Corresponding Members for a period of two years with renewal once. The Review Group members nominate their own Chair and the nomination endorses the appointment. The Chair serves for a period of two years and can be re-elected once. In exceptional circumstances, they can be re-elected for a third term on approval by the Committee on Standards.

Terms of reference

The current terms of reference were adopted in 2018:

  • Maintain and revise IFLA's bibliographic conceptual models on an ongoing basis; 

  • Develop and make available guidelines and interpretative documents to assist those applying the models;

  • Promote the models and encourage their use in all appropriate information organising communities;

  • Maintain links with relevant groups both within IFLA and in other communities, including formal relationships such as named liaisons.

Working groups

The Review Group is entitled to appoint specific working groups as needed for special assignments. Working groups are generally created for two-year terms which may be renewed. Members and chairs of working groups do not have to be members of the Review Group, although at least one Review Group member will serve on each working group.

The current working group is:

  • Working Group on FRBR/CRM Dialogue
    Established: 2003
    Co-chair for IFLA: Patrick LeBoeuf
    Co-chair for CIDOC: Martin Doerr
    Tasks: in cooperation with the CIDOC CRM SIG, prepare an object-oriented formulation of FRBR (FRBRoo) which is a compatible extension of the CRM conceptual reference model.

Reports of working groups that are no longer active may be found on the Review Group's report page.

Current projects

  • FRBR Namespace Project
    Established: 2007
    Lead consultant: Gordon Dunsire
    Task: To define appropriate namespaces for FRBR in RDF and other appropriate syntaxes
    Namespace Report, July 2008

Historical background

In 1997 the Standing Committee of the IFLA Section on Cataloguing approved the FRBR model. In 2002 the IFLA Cataloguing Section formed a Working Group on FRBR in order to provide a focal point within IFLA for the ongoing support and development of the conceptual model and to encourage the use of FRBR as a reference model for the bibliographic universe.  The working group created the FRBR electronic discussion list, compiled the first edition of the FRBR bibliography, and launched the present Web site.

In 2003 the Working Group was transformed into the FRBR Review Group. During 2003-2004 a Working Group on Continuing Resources worked on issues stemming from the application of the FRBR model to continuing resources; after the group disbanded, these issues were referred to the Working Group on Aggregates formed in 2005.

Bibliographic Conceptual Models (BCM)

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