IFLA Medal

The Governing Board may confer the IFLA Medal on a person who has given distinguished service to IFLA or who has made a substantial contribution to the global library field.

Nominations for the IFLA Medal shall be submitted to the Secretary General on the prescribed form by the date determined.

Nominations for the IFLA Medal shall be required to have at least three nominators from different countries who are current IFLA Members or Personal Affiliates

A nomination must include evidence to support any claims of the nominee's distinguished service or contribution to IFLA or to the global library field.

Each nomination shall be accompanied by at least two written referee reports. Referees should not also be nominators, and at least one referee should be an authorized representative of an IFLA Member or Personal Affiliate.

Referees shall address the nominee's suitability for the award, in relation to the criteria.

In making its decision, the Executive Committee will examine only the evidence provided by the nominators and the two referee reports submitted with the nomination. The evidence and referee reports provided should be based on the following required criteria:

  1. Distinguished personal and professional contribution to IFLA and /or distinguished personal and professional contribution to the global library field
  2. Efforts in fostering IFLA values, for example, diversity, inclusion and equality

Past recipients:

  • Guy Berthiaume, 2020
  • Inga Lundén, 2020
  • Kai Ekholm, 2019
  • Barbara Schleihagen, 2019
  • Buhle Mbambo-Thata, 2018
  • Teresa Hackett, 2018
  • Martyn Wade, 2017
  • Gordon Dunsire, 2016
  • Antonio M. Santos, 2016
  • Jesús Lau, 2014
  • Peter Johan Lor, 2014
  • Pascal Sanz, 2014
  • Helena Asamoah-Hassan, 2012
  • Jay Jordan, 2012
  • Eeva Kristiina Murtomaa, 2012
  • Paul Sturges, 2011
  • Elizabet Ramos de Carvalho, 2010
  • INIST, France, 2010
  • Ulf Göranson, 2009
  • Shawky Salem, 2009
  • Winnie Vitzansky, 2009
  • Adolfo Rodriguez Gallardo, 2008
  • Rima Kupryte, 2008
  • Abdel-Aziz Abid, 2007
  • Dato' Zawiya Baba, 2007
  • Wim van Drimmelen, 2007
  • Marga Coing, 2006
  • Virginia Betancourt, 2005
  • Esko Häkli, 2005
  • Ia McIlwaine, 2005
  • Sissel Nilsen, 2005
  • Rosa María Fernández de Zamora, 2004
  • Derek Law, 2003
  • Børge Sørensen, 2003
  • Lioba Betten, 2003
  • Hans-Jürgen Schubert, 2003

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