Ways to use the @ your library brand

 Now that you have interest in the @your library campaign, learn how to take full advantage of the slogan and incoparate it in many aspects of your library! Here are some promotional ideas:

  1. Feature it on Associate Websites
  2. Promote National Library Day or Week

    ireland smart.jpg 
    Library Ireland Week

    LIASA South Africa 2012
    South Africa Library Week 2012

    LIASA south africa.jpg
    South African Library Week 2011

  3. Incorportate into Summer Reading programs

    may the best team READ.jpg

  4. Target a specific group or audience on the value of libraries
    - Public Library Outreach to Farmer, in which the Rolling Prarie Library System of Decatur, IL, promoted the agrarian resources available in libraries with "Think outside the barn @your library."
    ALA has created a website devoted solely to the Kids Campaign with all kinds of tools and activities, with the slogan "So Much To See, So Much To Do @your library."

    so much to do INTERNET.jpg

  5. Create partnerships to expand message (anything from investing, to magazines, to products, to information)
    - ALA partnered with University Radio to develop a new campaign in response to data showing that Latinos are less likely than other groups to use their local libraries. So together, ALA and University Radio began to air public service radio ads across its network of 70 stations in the 16 Latino markets nationwide.
    - ALA partnered with Walgreens to promote health literacy, and since then, 16,400 public libraries have receive brochurese on the new Medicare Drug Discount Card, and 10 libraries have received grants from Walgreens to host healthy literacy seminars with valuable information and resources.


  6. Help with government programs
    -  Libraries and the Campaign can help governments raise awareness and provide support for problems in society
    - Public libraries receive grants to engage in financial literacy programs, or "Smart Investing"

    wise investing.png

    -  For example, the Campaign worked with the Argentinian government to fight drug addiction


  7. Utilize the campaign on social networking sites: blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc

Co-sponsored by IFLA and ALA 

  • Integrate the logo into your library/organization's letterhead, business cards, fax cover sheets and email signature.
  • Incorporate the phrase @ your library into press releases, fact sheets, speeches, presentations, letters-to-the-editor and op-ed/opinion articles.
  • Integrate the logo into your annual report: this (last) year @ your library.
  • Encourage staff to answer the phone by saying:
    • "Reference at your library"
    • "Children's room at your library"
    • "Periodicals at your library."

Program @your library

Use the brand on flyers and brochur

es to promote special programs and services at your library/organization. Examples:

  • Art exhibits @ your library
  • Lectures: (name of guest speaker) @ your library
  • Storyhour @ your library
  • Homework help @ your library
  • Back to school night @ your library
  • Government information @ your library
  • It's just not academic @ your library
  • 24/7 @ your library

Promote @your library

Create new library cards using an @ your library slogan: 

  • Check it out @ your library.
  • Something for everyone @ your library.
  • See what's new @ your library.
  • The best school supply of all is @ your library.
  • Create a bulletin board where you post flyers, announcements and programs and call it today @ your library, this week @ your library, this month @ your library. You can also use the same concept to title a calendar of events page for your Web site or newsletter.
  • Create book displays and/or booklists for adults and children and call them: good reads @ your library.
  • Create bookmarks that use the @ your library logo. You might want to create a slogan that says: find your place @ your library.
  • Thank volunteers by creating promotional items such as t-shirts that say: volunteer @ your library.

Get On Board and Read @ your library.jpg

Use the computer @your library


Post the logo on your library/organization's Web site. Use the brand as a stand alone logo or create a slogan such as: 

  • You're online @ your library
  • Untangle the Web @ your library
  • Get connected @ your library

Create a display for your computer workstations with slogans such as:

  • Log on @ your library
  • Get wired @ your library
  • Try surfing @ your library

Especially designed @your library

For special/corporate libraries: 

  • Create placemats for your company cafeteria that say food for thought @ your library or stuff paychecks with bookmarks that include the logo and a catchy phrase.

doing business @ your library.png

For school libraries:

  • Use the logo to demonstrate the relationship between the curriculum and the library by creating a poster or other promotional item that says: Get more out of class @ your library. Do homework. Research your term paper. Surf the Web.

For school and college libraries:

  • Use the logo to promote studying with Make the grade @ your library.

For college and university libraries:

  • Use the logo to promote doing research
  • Theses and dissertations @ your library
  • Research made easy @ your library
  • Manuscripts @ your library

Work with the media @your library 

  • Download one of the print PSAs available on the Campaign Web site or create a print PSA of your own for your local newspaper. Ask the newspaper to donate space to run the piece if you don't have an ad budget.
  • Work with your local television station to create broadcast ads that incorporate the logo. Or collaborate with an outdoor display company to create billboards or buscards using the @ your library brand.
  • Run a weekly ad or ask your local newspaper to donate space either in the movie theater section or the literature section. Design an ad with the title, "Coming Soon @ your library" and list the newly acquired books, videos, CDs, databases, programs and services that will soon make an appearance @ your library.

                treasures @ your library.jpg

      For more information about the U.S. campaign, including how to subscribe to a discussion list for the latest updates, visit the campaign Web site at www.ala.org/@yourlibrary



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      Last update: 24 March 2014