BOBCATSSS 2012 NPSIG workshop

The spirit of New Professionals - How to boost your early career through international involvement


25 January 2012


Hogeschool van Amsterdam: University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam, Netherlands


BOBCATSSS 2012 is approaching! This time it will be a very special edition of the conference made by students for students: We are going to celebrate its 20th anniversary! With this in mind it doesn’t seem surprising that the event is already sold out as the organizers announced earlier this week. Thus, the lucky ones who got a ticket can be looking very forward to three exciting days in beautiful Amsterdam, a conference program packed with interesting sessions and workshops, some very nice social events and meeting lots of friends and new faces!

This said, we are more than happy to offer you another exciting NPSIG workshop this year! OnWednesday, 25 Jan, 11:30-13:00, you are invited to explore the spirit of New Professionals with us and to learn about the benefits of international involvement in libraranship! For more info have a look at our workshop abstract below…

We hope to see lots of you in Amsterdam! It will be great fun!

“The spirit of New Professionals”
How to boost your early career through international involvement

new professionals; early career development; social media; library associations; organizations 2.0

Especially with the help of social media, New Professionals have been able to make their voice heard in the LIS profession in recent times and to effectively organize themselves from a local level to a global scale (Ruddock, 2011). The latest example of this fruitful mélange is the New Professionals Special Interest Group (NPSIG) of IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions). The group was awarded the IFLA Communicator of the Year Award 2011 for its innovative and effective outreach to New Professionals from around the world through the extensive use of social media. The integration of new tools of collaboration and networking not only helps NPSIG to profile itself, but also provides important stimuli to its home association  IFLA in an ever-changing environment of rapid technological development and innovation.

As a starting-point we would like to give a short overview on the practices of NPSIG and introduce the audience to the IFLA network. The participants will get an idea about the benefits of getting involved internationally as a student or recent graduate and how to make the best of the many possibilities such a huge association as IFLA has to offer.

Based on the use of social media as one particular characteristic of New Professionals, we would in the workshop part like to ask the audience to find and discuss further strengths of New Professionals. What is it that helps them to find their way into the LIS market but also supports libraries and other organizations to keep track of new developments and to stay fresh in mind? Let’s find out!

The participants will have the chance to try out some innovative techniques of brainstorming and group work which, at the same time, allows for plenty of networking and socializing!

The workshop’s intention is to make the participants think about their role and position as New Professionals in the LIS field. It will provide them with practical ideas how to get involved in professional associations and to move things forward. The outcome of the workshop will serve as a basis for further discussion in NPSIG’s social media channels and upcoming workshops at other conferences.

Ruddock, B. (2011) The rise of the New Professional.

(further reading about former NPSIG BOBCATSSS workshops in 2011 and 2010)

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