10 January 2012

Call for Papers - UNIMARC Session at IFLA 2012

The IFLA UNIMARC Core Activitiy invites papers to be presented at 78th IFLA General Conference and Assembly, Helsinki, Finland in August 2012.

Theme: New Futures for Bibliographic Data Formats: Reflections and Directions

Emerging from the recent evolution of bibliographic standards, new questions arise regarding the future of data formats that are also fostered by ongoing developments of information technology.  Reflecting on the requirements arising from a renewed context for library data is, thus, important to envisage how to fulfill current and future needs in the representation and transmission of bibliographic information. This is the general aim of the LC Bibliographic Framework Transition Initiative, launched last October, which objectives are equally relevant to the future of UNIMARC. This session will focus on the reflections, prospects, trends and experiences contributing to a future framework for UNIMARC. 

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