1 February 2013

Evaluating the benefits of attending IFLA conferences

The Library and Research Services for Parliaments Section has been successful in bidding for funds for a project to evaluate the benefits of attending IFLA conferences. The suggestion for this project came at last year’s conference in Helsinki and should be very beneficial to us in making the case for attendance to our colleagues.

Please view the Project Definition Document for further information.

If you would like to put in a proposal to carry out the project, please can you submit an application to John Pullinger by 15 February setting out your proposed workplan. The Section officers will consider proposals and announce the results by 22 February.

In relation to the Project Definition Document, the IFLA Professional Committee commented that it showed a good, strong link to the IFLA Key Initiatives, and emphasized that they would like to see the methodology shared with other sections and hoped that we will report further on how this might be done. They asked us to ensure that the suggested outcomes of any evaluation will still conform to the congress programme and satellite meeting conditions.

The Professional Committee would like to receive a 6-month project report in June/July about how we have progressed at that stage and an update about whether we are likely to use fewer funds than originally envisaged during the year. For this report, they will send us a project report form which will describe in more detail what the Professional Committee wishes to know. These requirements should be built into your proposal.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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