8 November 2012

IGF Baku - Workshop 168 outcomes 'Capacity building Initiatives'

At an IGF workshop on Wednesday 7th November IFLA and other library representatives made the case for libraries as key actors to help vulnerable and marginalised people play a key role in the information society. Workshop 168, titled “Capacity building Initiatives for better economic and social inclusion of vulnerable people into the Information society” included representatives from a number of groups who agreed that libraries, as institutions in the heart of the community long accustomed to providing services to groups with special needs, were being overlooked when it came to finding partners for technology projects serving the vulnerable.

The hour and a half discussion touched upon how public access to the Internet was crucial to help the long-term unemployed and homeless find jobs, and discussed examples from across the library community about projects, particularly those from award winners in the EIFL Public Libraries Innovation Programme (PLIP). Also discussed were library services to vulnerable youth groups, and the long-term efforts libraries worldwide have made to provide services to the visually impaired and people with learning difficulties. The discussion was notable for the way panellists started moving beyond general discussion towards active ideas for partnership with libraries in terms of multilingual content for vulnerable groups and information on employment. As one panellist remarked – access on its own is not enough, there has to access to something relevant that can help people’s lives. When libraries help people find work by offering online services offering jobs, or even printing a CV, they are doing just that.

Panellists included:

  • Mr Zahid U. Jamil- Co-moderator, Barrister Esq., Director, Developing Country Center for Cybercrime & Law - Jamil & Jamil Barristers-at-law
  • Ms Yuliya Morenets- Co-moderator, TaC-Together against Cybercrime
  • Mr Wolf Ludwig- Euralo/ICANN
  • Mr Khaled Fattal- Multilingual Internet Group
  • Ms Danielle de Groot Msc- Council of Chiefs of Police, Netherlands
  • Ms Lara Pace-COMNET Mr Pavan Duggal- President, Cyberlaws.net, The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India
  • Ms Barbara-Chiara Ubaldi- OECD
  • Mr Stuart Hamilton- IFLA-International federation of Library Associations and Institutions
  • European Youth IGF Representative Mr Florian Lopez, Law Faculty Student

WSIS (World Summit on the Information Society), Azerbaijan, Digital inclusion, Intellectual property, IGF, Internet Governance Forum

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