27 August 2012

New Librarians Global Connection

By Loida Garcia-Febo

Read the summary of New Librarians Global Connection webinars presented by IFLA CPDWL and NPSIG in partnership with ALA.
The summary is published in the last newsletter from the ALA International Relations Round Table (page 9). http://www.ala.org/irrt/sites/ala.org.irrt/files/content/intlleads/leadsarchive/201209.pdf

Below we've included the text from the Newsletter.

A new series of free quarterly webinars on issues of interest to new librarians, models of library associations and library schools working with new professionals, and groups by and for librarians are sponsored by IFLA Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning (CPDWL) and IFLA New Professionals Special Interest Group (NPSIG) in partnership with the Ameri­can Library Association.

The first session, pre­sented on January 17, featured Dr. Alex Byrne, New South Wales State Librarian and Chief Executive of the State Li­brary NSW in Australia, IFLA President 2005-2007; Janice Lachance, J.D., CEO of the Special Libraries Association; JP Porcaro, Head of Library Acquisitions and Technological Discovery at New Jersey City University, co-founder of ALA Think Tank, and originator of the Make It Happen philosophy for librarians.

The second session, pre­sented on April 10, included: Kay Raseroka, University Li­brarian, University of Botswa­na. IFLA President 2003-2005; Maureen Sullivan, ALA Presi­dent Elect, Program Facilitator, ALA Emerging Leaders Pro­gram; Mace Ojala and Jukka Pennanen, Founders of Cycling for Libraries.

The third session, present­ed on July 17, included: Bar­bara Ford, Director and Distin­guished Professor, Mortenson Center for International Library Programs at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library, and President of the American Library Association in 1997-1998; Sandy Littletree, Knowledge River Program Manager; and Jessica Hernan­dez, Co-Chair of the Knowl­edge River Alumni Network. Rachel Bickley, Assistant Librarian, University of the West of England, and LISNPN Co-manager.

For updates, keep an eye on the IFLA website and Calendar of Events http://www.ifla.org/ and on the NPSIG blog http://npsig.wordpress.com/webinars/

The CPDWL and NPSIG joint work to produce these we­binars is coordinated by Loida Garcia-Febo as part of a team including CPDWL Co-Chairs, Sylvia Piggot and Ulrike Lang, and NPSIG Convenor, Sebas­tian Wilke.

Loida Garcia-Febo, Coordinator, New Americans Program, Queens Library

Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning, Professional development, NPSIG, CPDWL

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