IFLA Library Building and Equipment Section Satellite Meeting

Collaborative Strategies for Successful Library Design and Innovative Use


10 – 11 August 2016


Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois, USA


The Library Buildings and Equipment Section (LBE) is hosting a two-day satellite conference to be held at the Illinois Institute of Technology in vibrant Chicago. The theme is "Collaborative Strategies for Successful Library Design and Innovative Use."

Designing modern libraries is a complex process involving many stakeholders and participants. Libraries of all types work with an almost limitless range of constituent groups for input, buy-in and successful implementation. Collaboration partners across the spectrum can include the local community, our students, faculty and campus partners, architects and designers, donors, governing bodies, local municipal, university, state and national decision makers and facilities personnel. Successful libraries and library design reflect successful collaboration.

Full details on the conference website.

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Last update: 12 April 2016