9th NPSIG virtual business meeting is Saturday, April 30th!


30 April 2016




Please join us on Saturday, April 30th for our 9th NPSIG Virtual Business Meeting! This will be the second virtual meeting featuring our new leadership team: María Violeta Bertolini (Convenor), Milan Vasiljević (Co-Convenor), Antoine Torrens (Information Coordinator), and Katia Shklyar (Co-Information Coordinator), and we would really like to have you involved!!!

We’ll be going over our NPSIG Action Plan 2015-16 and discussing status, challenges, and next steps. We will also share news about upcoming events like the IFLAcamp 2016, #newlibgc webinar 2016, Open Programme Session, New Librarians Happy Hour in Columbus, the NPSIG contributions to IFLA President Elect session in WLIC 2016, and we welcome any other announcements, past events reports, as well as ideas and proposals for NPSIG work in 2016!

Date: Saturday April 30th, 2016


10am EST UTC-5 (New York)

1pm UTC-2 (Rio de Janeiro)

3pm GMT UTC (London)

4pm CET UTC+1 (Berlin)

12am UTC+9 (Tokyo)

2am EST (Sydney, next day)

–check your time zone here: http://everytimezone.com/#2016-4-16,120,cn3

Current agenda (feel free to add comments and items): https://pad.okfn.org/p/NPSIG_Virtual_Business_Meeting_2016

Google Hangout Air: https://plus.google.com/events/c37pq3i7mtvr65m3l0demb9nnqc (don’t forget to sign up!)

See you soon!!!

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