1 September 2016

IFLA FAIFE Releases Statement on the Continued House Arrest of Natalya Sharina

Natalya Sharina, Director of the Library of Ukrainian Literature in Moscow, has been under house arrest since October 2015. Recent media reports, suggesting that her detention will continue at least until 28 October only underline the disproportionate and unnecessary nature of the treatment she has received.

IFLA's Committee on Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression has issued a statement on the case. This underlines that:

IFLA believes that the treatment of the Library of Ukrainian Literature, and its staff – and in particular Natalya Sharina - as completely disproportionate and unnecessary, and an attack on libraries and librarians.  As such it is an attack on democracy, learning and culture.

IFLA FAIFE will continue to monitor developments in Russia and strongly supports Natalya Sharina, her legal team and her colleagues at the Library of Ukrainian Literature.  IFLA calls upon the Russian officials to release Natalya Sharina and end the legal proceedings immediately.

The full text of the statement is available here.

FAIFE (Committee on Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression), Access to information, Access to knowledge, Freedom of expression

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