15 August 2017

WLIC 2017, events for AVMS

By Mikael Johansson

AVMS section meetings

You are more than welcome to join the AVMS Section meetings, if you want to know more about the work or if you consider to become a member.

Our first meeting is Saturday 19 August 10:15-12:15, our second is planned for Tuesday 22 August 13:30-16:00.


Wendsday 23 August: "Video production. Informing, communicating and disseminating knowledge using audio-visual content" at Wrocław University of Science and Technology. Only for already registered participant's

Open Session

Thursday 24 August 13:45-15:45: Open Session (Session 242) with the theme: Media is the Message: Critical Use of Video in the Digital Agea. Audiovisual and Multimedia Section, Information Literacy Section and School Libraries Sections

New Twitter account

We also have a new Twitter account, https://twitter.com/ifla_avms. We welcome followers of the old account and new followers to join us.

Hope to see you in Wrocław!

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