Training in Library skills for for Palestinian schools librarians

The Center for Applied Research in Education, Occupied Palestinian Territories (CARE Palestine) is carrying out a project to provide library skills to school principals, who will cascade skills to teachers and students.

The project includes:

Training workshop for teachers in library skills

Second round of training workshops in library skills for school principals (following a previous project in 2009), to be cascaded to teachers through a training-of-trainers approach.
Primary and secondary school librarians (teachers who are not trained librarians) will gain information literacy and library management skills. Trainees will be expected to train others in their region.

Promoting cooperation between Palestinian professionals and the wider regional and international professional community

Goal is to build mutual cooperation with professional groups that deal with issues of information literacy and education from the perspective of both librarianship and education.

Participants will communicate their activities and experiences with this project in relevant international publications, partly to serve as guidelines for others conducting such work in developing regions, and also to help publicize the work in Palestine.

Development of curriculum for training teacher librarians

The creation and revision of a curriculum for training teacher librarians in other countries of the Arab-speaking world, which currently are unable to deliver adequate school or teacher librarian training.

LDP (Library Development Programme)

Last update: 5 October 2012