Seminar On Capacity Building Interventions On The Milleneum Development Goals For Francophone Africa

Year: 2011

Region: Africa

Country: Cameroon, Francophone Africa

Organisation: IFLA Regional Office For Africa, Pretoria, South Africa

The project will:

  1. Conduct a third Follow Up Seminar to train the resource persons in the Francophone Africa so that they may later facilitate the capacity building on MDG seminar in other French speaking African countries. The seminar will be held in conjunction with the IFLA Africa Regional Meeting in Yaoundé, Cameroon in February 2011.
  2. Map out strategies for creating libraries relevant to the information society
  3. Fashion a proactive role for libraries and devise strategies to enable libraries meet the MDGs especially in the alleviation of poverty
  4. Provide a full project narrative report including statement of impact and full financial report to IFLA after the completion of the project

Participants are leaders at their institutions and library associations and it is expected that they will cascade the outcome of the seminar. It is envisaged that the French language centre in Africa will translate the materials, especially the outcomes for further implementation.

Participants will come from Cameroon and other Francophone African countries. All participants are part of the WALA group, and will be expected to facilitate further workshops in their regions and to publish outcomes in French either as part of WALA meetings or separately.

Focal Areas

The project will focus on the following ALP focal areas:

  1. Promoting libraries in society, including the role of libraries in reading through the IFLA /UNESCO Public Library Manifesto and the IFLA/UNESCO School Library Manifesto
  2. Promotion of Continuing Professional Development

LDP (Library Development Programme)

Last update: 5 October 2012