Leadership for municipal public libraries

Training of 12 trainers who will deliver a cascade training throughout the country

Year: 2011
Region: Emerging and Developing Countries
Country: Bulgaria
Organisation: Bulgarian Library and Information Association, Sofia, Bulgaria

The project will:

  1. Prepare 12 trainers in leadership through Train of Trainers (TOT) workshop
  2. Conduct one pilot workshop for municipal public library leaders by the trained trainers

The project consists of three phases:

  1. Training of Trainers (TOT) workshop

    The 3-day TOT will be delivered by a team of:

    • One international trainer, selected or recommended by IFLA (preferably from an EU country: to align leadership requirements for 21 c. with the EU library and information policies and the best practices from EU countries)
    • One Bulgarian trainer, selected by BLIA: to customize the program with the local needs and the Bulgarian realities.
  2. Pilot training for 20 municipal library leaders (2 days)

    After the TOT, 2 of the trainers will conduct pilot training for 20 municipal librarians at one of the Regional Libraries in Bulgaria.

  3. Evaluation

    During the TOT (1) and the Pilot training (2) a team of BLIA’s sociology experts will be working on the assessment of the teaching methods, communications, performance, and results. The evaluation report will be submitted at the end of the project.

The project will continue beyond the time funded. The ALP funded trainings will be a beginning of a multiyear training project of BLIA. The “Leadership for municipal librarians” workshop will be integrated into the curriculum of BLIA’s Centre for Continuing Education for Librarians (CCEL). The workshop program will be enriched with conclusions and lessons learned from the Pilot training of 20 (step 2), as presented in the project evaluation report (step 3).

Outcomes of the TOT:

  • A team of 12 prepared and self-confident trainers in library leadership of 21 century able to deliver training to municipal librarians without managerial and leadership experience;
  • Successful pilot design of leadership training that will be applied in multiple locations in the next couple of years.

Outcomes of the pilot leadership training for 20 municipal librarians

  • The municipal library managers:

    • Will be convinced that the leadership qualities are crucial for achieving each and every goal; these are qualities that could be nurtured, not necessarily inherited;
    • Will realise the value of the continuing education and will be encouraged to pursue personal and professional development;
    • Will realise that the Library Association is their voice, advisor, and resource for development.
  • The workshop would encourage them to:

    • Unlock potential leadership talents;
    • Communicate effectively with local authorities;
    • Create the necessary environment in the community that will support the library;
    • Seek support from the local business;
    • Implement in practice the stipulations of the Public library Act 2009.

Focal Areas

The project will focus on the following ALP focal areas:

  1. Promotion of Continuing Professional Development

LDP (Library Development Programme)

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