Building Capacity for In-country training for Small library associations in the South Pacific, Samoa

Year: 2010
Region: Asia and Oceania
Country: Samoa
Organisation: Library Association of Samoa

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Project Goals

The project will:

  1. Develop the technical and professional capacity of the Association members to achieve appropriate skills and current awareness of new ideas in libraries and information management for its members through two workshops in 2011
  2. Increase the awareness and appreciation of the Samoan people of the important functions of the libraries and librarians in modern civil society through a workshop for LAS members and activities during 2011 Library Week
  3. Provide a copy of Media and other Awareness materials highlighting the Activities undertaken during 2011 Library week

Project activities include:

  • Workshop on Information Literacy, first half 2011
    The workshop on Information Literacy will be delivered by the Treasurer of LAS, who attended a course in Wellington, New Zealand in 2009. Content will be modelled on the New Zealand course. Training will be provided for Samoan library assistants.
  • Workshop on “Building Strong Libraries”, second half 2011
    The second workshop will have as a central theme ‘Building strong libraries’. The goal of the workshop is to link LAS’ individual needs for improved skills in managing their libraries with the roles that they can play to promote literacy. More broadly, the role that librarians can play as an advocate for information access within their organizations and within the community via the Library Association of Samoa will be explored.

It will comprise three components as follows:

  1. Basic library skills: organization of libraries, basic cataloguing
  2. Libraries in organisations: meeting user needs and how to market your library to your organization
  3. Libraries in society: the role of libraries and the role of library associations. This component of the workshop would utilise Building Strong Library Associations Module 1: Library Associations in Society: An Overview

In addition to the use of BSLA materials, LAS will select appropriate components of the IFLA Internet Manifesto, and Transparency, Good Governance, and Freedom from Corruption guidelines for inclusion in the workshop.

Promotion of libraries and the Samoa Library Association during Library Week 2011

The goal of the Library week activities is to raise awareness of libraries and the library association in the wider community, and to develop team-building, networking, and relationships amongst the library community in Samoa.

Activities to promote libraries and the Association as part of 2011 Library Week celebrations will include:

  • Semi-formal opening event
  • Library week parade through Apia
  • Competitions for short story writing and poetry, storytelling events, public displays and promotions

Focal Areas

The project will focus on the following ALP focal areas:

  1. Development and sustainability of library associations, particularly through the Building Strong Library Associations programme
  2. Libraries and literacy: libraries as promoters of information literacy and lifelong learning, and combating functional illiteracy
  3. Promotion of continuing professional development

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