Transparency, Good Governance and Freedom from Corruption workshops in Serbia

Year: 2010
Region: Emerging and Developing Countries

Country: Serbia

Organisation: Serbian Library Association

The project will:

  1. Carry out workshops to raise the awareness to the problem of corruption by promoting and providing free access to information and freedom of expression amongst the library community in Serbia
  2. Support anti-corruption practitioners in Serbia and to enlargen the network of campaigners by seeking the participation of new experts and practitioners, and contacting relevant agencies for the establishement of official partnerships

The project consists of the following:


  • Workshops, training on the IFLA Transparency, Good Governance and Freedom from Corruption manifesto, utilising the IFLA materials.
  • Translation of IFLA Transparency, Good Governance and Freedom from Corruption materials into Serbian language, including the manifesto and workshop materials

Participants will be drawn from seven public libraries across eight cities in Serbia. Teams will then be formed to carry out activities in each of these cities in cooperation with a partner agency (anti-corruption civil society agencies).

Campaign for transparency

A network will continue the distribution and embedding of the IFLA Transparency, Good Governance and Freedom from Corruption manifesto throughout Serbia through cascade workshops and advocacy campaigns.

A press conference will be held at the headquarters of the Serbian Library Association in Belgrade to announce the project, campaign schedule, and participation of key public figures.

The network will be formed of the following groups:

  • A team of experts from different parts of Serbia
  • Inclusion of representatives of civil society, and some leaders of the political parties, possibly through the cooperation with the Council for the Fight against Corruption, and prominent public figures They would be chosen according to their skills and knowledge of these topics.

The translation of the IFLA Manifesto on Transparency, Good Governance and Freedom from Corruption will be distributed to all public libraries in Serbia (175), academic libraries and school libraries (about 1100) in print.

During the campaign, the following types of activities will be undertaken in the public libraries participating in the initial workshop:

  • Collecting information materials issued by official bodies, particularly those dealing with citizens’ rights. Seeking to make those information more comprehensible and accessible to users
  • Training for librarians and users in the use of the type of information that will improve citizens’ understanding of the laws and assist them in the pursuit of their rights and entitlements
  • Digitisation and other preservation programmes for official information relating to laws, rights etc
  • Promotion of information rights (through posters and other publicity methods) seeking to raise raise awareness of the right to information
  • Creating or cooperating in the cration of anti-corruption portals which link content from official sources

Focal Areas

The project will focus on the following ALP focal areas:

  1. Development and sustainability of library associations, particularly through the Building Strong Library Associations programme

LDP (Library Development Programme)

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