5 June 2013

IFLA "The World through Picture Books" exhibition at Bologna International Children's Book Fair

The World Through Picture Books

Every Spring, publishers, authors, international organisations and librarians visit this most prestigious Fair offering exhibitions and a rich programme. This year, IFLA had a stand where the exhibition "The World through Picture Books" was shown. The picture books on display were selected by librarians from thirty-six countries for this IFLA project.  Please visit the project homepage to find out more.

The exhibition attracted a great number of visitors, who also appreciated the annotated, multilingual catalogue that was produced. There was a presentation of the project that highlighted various countries' selections at one of the sessions at the Fair.

The loan of this exhibition is available to any library is free of charge.  Only transport and insurance costs have to be borne by the library. 

The resulting publication is freely available online; print copies are also available for purchase as IFLA Professional Report N°135.

Interested parties may contact viviana.quinones@bnf.fr

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