19 July 2013

ACD Section Successful Int’l Workshop In Mexico!

By Jerome FRONTY, ACD information coordinator

ACD Section Successful Int’l Workshop In Mexico!

Dear Colleagues,

The ACD Section organized a successful International Workshop on Acquisition & Collection Development related topics, in Tijuana and Ensenada, Mexico, this June, 19-21, 2013.

Thanks to IFLA Professional Committee Support, to the cross-border experience and involvement of our Standing Committee, and to the seamless organizational talents of our Mexican Colleagues from and beyond the Section, this successful event paves the way for a practical and theoretical basis for Acquisition & Collection Development in Spanish-Speaking emerging countries and beyond.

Proceedings of this great event include:

And yet, more proceedings to come!

Un abrazo,

Jerome FRONTY, ACD Information Coordinator

Advocacy, Collection development, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, United States of America

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