Images of Intellectual Freedom & Censorship

Images (GIF files) related to IF & Censorship

A collection of free shareware images (GIFs), some animated, related to Intellectual Freedom and Censorship

The graphics on this page are gathered from various public domain sites on the Internet. Feel free to download them for use in your web pages or documents.

If using a browser like Netscape or Explorer, simply right-click on the image you want to download and save the image file to a directory on your computer.

block A book stabbed with a knife bookkn.gif (2034 bytes)
block Fahrenheit 451 on burned paper f451L.gif (5690 bytes)
block Burned books on black background 451.jpg (5156 bytes)
block Sign with text:
"Censorship causes blindness
- Read!"
bddpin.gif (11645 bytes)
block A line of barbed wire line_barbwire.gif
block A "Hands off! The Net" icon - small and large hands_off_the_net_icon.gif (3560 bytes) hands_off_the_net_huge_icon.gif (14028 bytes)
block An animated free speech sign combined with fireworks freesp.gif (10115 bytes)
block Big brother watching you through a keyhole - animated keyhole.gif (2634 bytes)
block An animated  monkey that sees, hears and speaks   no evil monkey.gif (2225 bytes)
block Three different versions of the plain blue ribbon of Free Speech Online with white background blueribbongm.gif (3344 bytes) rib_wh_plain.gif (1190 bytes) rib_wh_plain_sm.gif (616 bytes)
block An animated version of the Blue Ribbon of Free Speech Online - folding the ribbon rib_3pt_anim.gif (6691 bytes)
block Two more versions of the Blue Ribbon - one with text and an animated sign branim.gif (48904 bytes) rib_support_wh.gif (2113 bytes)
block A broken Blue Ribbon  combined with "Free Speech Now" sign and a red stamp: "Censored" bribbon.gif (13912 bytes)
block A stop sign advocating "Stop Cyber Censorship" stop_cybercensorship_icon.gif (5286 bytes)
block A red stamp: "Censored" censored_big_icon.gif (1919 bytes)
block Black box with yellow text:
uncensor.gif (562 bytes)
block A FAIFE animated banner: Libraries and Intellectual Freedom banner2.gif (9930 bytes)
block A IFLA/FAIFE animated red dot redan.gif (8007 bytes)

FAIFE (Committee on Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression)

Last update: 27 January 2015