4 September 2015

Call for Participation: MPhil/PhD Colloquium 2015 - 12 November



The National Institute of Library and Information Sciences (NILIS) M.Phil/PhD. Colloquium provides students the opportunity to present, discuss and share their research with colleagues as well as senior researchers, receive constructive feedback from members of the research community and expose themselves as emerging researchers. During the Colloquium, selected students will present the work they have performed so far and the results that they have obtained. They will also reveal the difficulties, problems and questions that they encounter in the continuation of their work. 

The colloquium is a joint event conducted with the International Conference in Information Science (ICIS 2015) which will be held from 12-14 November 2015.


  • Enhance visibility for students’ research
  • Obtain constructive criticism and advice from experienced researchers
  • Improve/Practice writing and presentation skills
  • Develop/Enhance a network among MPhil/PhD candidates of different disciplines, faculties, departments, institutions and countries
  • Build up cross-disciplinary research opportunities.


We are seeking broad representation and the Colloquium is not limited to students of NILIS.

We welcome submissions from a broad range of disciplines and approaches including Library and Information Science, Information Management, Information and Communication Technology, Education, Sociology.

Students are invited to submit their extended abstracts (2-3 pages) which should include:

  • The name and affiliation of the student, Contact details
  • Purpose/Research aim
  • Research design/Methodology/Approach
  • Results achieved and/or Prospective results
  • Research limitations/Implications (if applicable)
  • Significance of the research

Extended abstracts should be submitted by email to MPhil/PhD Programme Coordinator (premilagamage@gmail.com) with the subject line “NILIS MPhil/PhD Colloquium 2015” on or before 20 September 2015.

The Colloquium review committee will select approximately 10-12 papers for the presentation at the Colloquium based on the extended abstracts.

Colloquium Papers

Full-papers will be published online (downloadable) after the Colloquium with an ISBN.


MPhil/PhD Colloquium

Students of NILIS – LKR 1000/-

Local delegates – LKR 1500/-

International delegates – US$ 150

In order to promote extended interaction among NILIS ICIS 2015 participants and students, those accepted for the MPhil/PhD Colloquium are encouraged to register for ICIS 2015 as well.

MPhil/PhD Colloquium + ICIS 2015 + International Workshop

Any two events (Local) – LKR 4000/- 

Any two events (International) – US$ 200/-

All three events (Local) – LKR 6000/-

All three events (International) – US$ 250/-


Submission of Extended Abstracts (EA) – 20 September 2015

Notification of acceptance of EA – 30 September 2015

Submission of Full-paper – 25 October 2015

MPhil/PhD Colloquium Co-Chairs:

Director (NILIS)

Dr Premila Gamage (MPhil/PhD Programme Coordinator)

Dr Ruwan Gamage (Chair, NILIS International Symposium) 

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