Write an Action Plan

About your Action Plan 

An action plan for your Professional Unit is essential. Your plan will identify your unit’s Focus Areas for the next two-year period, as well as the activities you plan to carry out within each area. It will be used together with your Project Funding Request by the Professional Committee to assess funding needs.

 Your unit’s Action Plan must: 

  • Identify 1 to 4 Focus Areas for your unit’s work over the next two years
  • Describe how at least one of these Focus Areas directly aligns with IFLA’s Strategic Directions and Key Initiatives 
  • Plan specific activities/projects within each Focus Area for the coming year of work
  • Propose opportunities for collaboration with other units on your planned activities 
  • Indicate which of these activities may need Professional Committee funding to be successful

Get started

Unit Action Plan Template and Project Funding Request form [DOC]

Send your completed action plan and resource requirements to: professionalsupport@ifla.org and your Division Chair.

Deadline: 15 October 2019

Overview of all changes to the Unit Action Plan Template implimented by the Professional Committee in 2019 [PDF]

Project Funding

Each year, the IFLA Professional Committee approves the funding of a number of projects proposed by the IFLA Professional Units. Applications for funding can only be accepted from the Officers of an IFLA Section, or from the Committee on Standards on behalf of IFLA Standards Review Groups. Admin Funds are also available to all Sections and Special Interest Groups.

Admin Funding

Read the Guidelines for Admin Funds allocations and reimbursements [PDF]

PC Project Funding

Read the Guide to the Professional Committee Project Fund 2019 [PDF]

Read the Terms and conditions for PC Project reimbursements in 2019 [PDF]

IFLA Invoice claim form for reimbursements [DOC]

What your Section can achieve – planning and strategy [IFLA Library]

Implementing your Plan

When you implement your Action Plan, you must regularly monitor and report back on your progress.

We recommend that you report on progress at least monthly to your Section Standing Committee and quarterly to your Members, Division Chair and IFLA Headquarters.

We also expect you to prepare a Section Annual Report, which highlights your achievements and the impact of your work.

Full guidance on turning this report into a web page are available in the Information Coodinators space: instructions for converting the Action Plan into a webpage [login required].


Last update: 11 October 2019